A commentary from the director Katsuki Nogami

for Mind is Free

Literally from the title, it’s a video about watching the sky and freeing your imagination. Watching the nature phenomenon and it’s flow is an important time for me as well, and I can feel like making it more longer and longer.

for Invisible People

This is based on what I’ve felt when I was a student. At my local town, there was a ritual called Sai No Kami at the end of year, where you gather straws and burn them to pray for harvest. People burned calligraphy of their own new years resolutions and even dried squids as well. I was attracted by the contrast of fire and snow at the ritual. And I was also thinking about the fireworks. Filming the actual Sai No Kami (which is four meters long) was unrealistic, so I used the incense burner used daily on the buddhist altar. The sensual and illusional atmosphere of the song, with the experience of filming a fire inside a Kamakura (Japanese igloo) felt like a trial to me.

– Katsuki Nogami